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About Arthur Sculco

Arthur D. Sculco, MS, ACSM RCEP

Arthur D. Sculco, MS, ACSM RCEPI am a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (RCEP), certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). I have a Master’s Degree from George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

Together, this Degree and certification, allow me to work with clients who are challenged by chronic disease, injury, spinal conditions, and frailty. I am trained in assessing risk factors, physical activity levels, and fitness. With that training, I prescribe exercise as a means to assist in recovery from illness or injury and to prevent injury or manage disease or chronic conditions.

As described by the ACSM, “RCEPs are certified health professionals that utilize scientific rationale to design, implement, and supervise exercise programming for their clients.” This credential/certification requires a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science or Physiology and a minimum of 600 hours of supervised clinical experience.

In addition to the ACSM RCEP credential, I have the following certifications that have provided me with the expertise to work with clients in Health and Wellness situations, Personal Training in Gyms and other settings:

  • ACSM CPT: Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACSM HFS: Health Fitness Specialist

I also hold the following certifications:

  • ACSM/ACS (American Cancer Society) CET (Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer)
  • Advanced FMS (Functional Movement Screen)
  • CPR and AED
  • AHA (American Heart Association) BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

My professional experience includes six years at the Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Therapeutic and Sports Medicine Center as an Exercise Physiologist and seven years with the State of Rhode Island Hospital System as an exercise consultant and fall prevention specialist. In addition, over the past 14 years I have been helping my private clients improve their overall quality of life through my personal training services.

I have been teaching tennis for more than 25 years, both one-on-one and in groups. My passion for tennis started when I was very young, continued as I played on a tennis scholarship for a Division 1 college, and extends to over 25 years of playing and competitive tennis experience. In addition, my experience playing other sports also gives me insight into cross-training opportunities and other innovative ways to include specific sport skills in various workouts and exercise prescriptions.

I have had research published on low-back pain and disc herniation in the peer reviewed journal, SPINE of the North American Spine Society. My research was conducted with The George Washington University and Dr. Mario J. Sculco, my father, who was then the chief of neurosurgery at the WW Backus Hospital.

I have also had research published on the frail elderly in a psycho-geriatric population in a long term care hospital (at Eleanor Slater Hospital). The research was done in association with the University Of Rhode Island. In addition, I was part of the Fall Prevention Committee at Eleanor Slater Hospital, in Cranston, Rhode Island. We were able to show a 50 percent reduction in fall occurrence as well as a lessening of the severity of falls in a frail psycho-geriatric population. This is particularly significant because the frail psycho-geriatric population is the highest risk population of all for fall accident and the severe consequences/complications that result from fall accidents.

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