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Personal Training and Fitness

Personal Trainer Norwich

Personal Trainer Norwich, CT and Surrounding Areas

Personal trainer and founder of Art and Science Fitness, Arthur Sculco can help you with all of your fitness needs from teen, adult, athlete, to senior.


Personal Training for Athletes

Are you a recreational or competitive athlete looking for a personal trainer who understands your needs?

Let me help you take your sport and overall performance to their optimal level while maximizing the safest and most effective training environment and techniques!

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Personal Training for Adults and Teens

Do you want to be leaner, quicker, faster, and fitter?
Are you looking for a streamlined, time-efficient and individualized personal training program?

As a personal trainer Norwich, let me help you to optimize your results and minimize wasted time and effort with personal training workouts designed just for you, based on scientific research and years of experience!

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Fitness for Seniors & Fall Prevention for Elderly

Do you have times when you don’t feel you can do all of your daily activities?

I can help you to regain control over your body and feel more energetic and have fun doing it at the same time! Fitness is important at any age. Building body strength can also provide fall prevention for the elderly.

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