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Fitness for Seniors

Fitness is not just for the young — it is also for the young at heart.

Personal Trainer for Seniors Westerly, RI

Personal Trainer for Seniors from Westerly, RI to Norwich, CT and Surrounding Areas

Have you had trouble lifting your feet when going up stairs or hills?
Have you had difficulty getting out of a chair without the use of your arms?
Have you had avoidable falls or near-fall experiences?
Do you have times when you don’t feel you can do all of your daily activities for fear of falls or lack of energy?
Have you had a noticeable increase in difficulty when lifting objects?

I can help you to regain control over your body and feel more energetic—and have fun doing it at the same time! I have been helping my clients to feel better, reduce their pain, and improve their overall quality of life through my own private personal training services for the past 14 years.

Personal Training: Reducing Frailty and Feeling Great

As a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist and personal trainer for seniors, I have 16 years of clinical hospital based experience developing and implementing individualized exercise prescriptions. These prescriptions are used to increase functional capacity, reduce the risks of falling, and increase the energy, ability, and confidence to enjoy life to its fullest. I will happily work with your doctor to maximize the benefits you can achieve.

I have the scientific know-how and experience to help you with reducing frailty while improving your quality of life. Using equipment I supply to monitor your vital signs and other important potential risk factors, I will work with you in the comfort of your own home.

I look forward to helping you to improve key physical and functional elements in order to reduce your frailty, which will increase your energy and balance by:

  • Increasing leg strength and power
  • Improving gait quality and speed
  • Improving your ability to get out of a chair without using your arms
  • Increasing your confidence when doing activities around the home
  • Maintaining and possibly improving bone density—a key factor in reducing the frailty syndrome
  • Improving your sleep quality
  • Improving your sense of well-being and boosting your independence and your self-confidence

Nothing is more important! You will feel better, stronger, and more confident in your activities. Enjoy life more, improve your overall physical condition, and generally feel the empowerment of a being a stronger and healthier individual! I’ve helped many people gain their sense of freedom and empowerment back. Click to read some testimonials.


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