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Personal Training for Athletes

Personal Trainer for Athletes Norwich CT and Serving Surrounding Areas

Are you a recreational or competitive athlete?
Are you looking for a personal trainer for athletes who understands your needs?

Personal Training for Competitive Athletes on the Field or In Home

Arthur Sculco Norwich, CT puts 16 years of dedicated personal training for competitive athletes to work for you, in the convenience of your own home, outdoors, or in a fitness center or playing field near you.

Arthur Sculco, Personal Trainer for Athletes

My individualized personal training for athletes will help you:

  • Maintain and improve your static and dynamic strength and aerobic endurance, power and capacity
  • Maintain and increase your strength and power in the gym and your sport performance on the field and during competition
  • Maintain and increase your static and dynamic balance and neuromuscular coordination
  • Maintain and increase your core muscle performance in the gym and during sport and leisure activities
  • Maintain and improve your recreational and competitive sport performance in most major sports
  • Maximize your ability to reduce the severity and regularity of a chronic or nagging orthopedic injury
  • Maximize your ability to recover post-surgery that you may have had recently or may need in the future

My personal training for competitive athletes will take your sport and overall performance to their optimal level. As a personal trainer for athletes I while maximize the safest and most effective training environment and techniques for your sport! Contact Art and Science Fitness to get you to the top of your sport.

You will feel better, play better, reduce fatigue, and minimize injury!

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