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Managing Cancer Treatment

Cancer Exercise Specialist Norwich, CT and Surrounding Areas

“Multiple studies show that regular physical activity is linked to increased life expectancy after a diagnosis of cancer, in many cases by decreasing the risk of cancer recurrence. The American Cancer Society, the World Cancer Research Fund, the American Institute for Cancer Research, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the US Department of Health and Human Services all advocate physical activity for cancer patients and survivors.”

– Julie Grisham, MS from Memorial Sloan Kettering, On Cancer1

Arthur Sculco | Helping Those With Managing Cancer

Cancer Exercise Specialist Norwich, CT As a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, I am specially certified to work with individuals in all phases of cancer treatment. Being a cancer exercise specialist, I would like to help you take advantage of the many benefits that an individualized exercise prescription can provide for you.

Your Cancer Exercise Trainer Can Help You With:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Treatment side-effect management
  • Reconditioning

Cancer patients have found focused and individualized exercise programs to be useful when first diagnosed with cancer (prior to treatment), during treatment, and once treatment has been completed.

Before Cancer Treatment Starts
The first step as a cancer exercise trainer will be for me to make a baseline assessment of your present physical capacity. This is a key tool for me to understand your physical condition and emotional needs. This information will allow me to provide the most beneficial and stress lowering exercise and activity environment.

In this way, we can ensure that you are in the best possible shape, both emotionally and physically, to undergo therapy.

During Cancer Treatment
To maintain your emotional and physical strength and manage any treatment side effects you may be experiencing, I can work with you on your specific needs and goals. Here is an idea of some of the types of exercises and activities we may do together:

Training with Your Cancer Exercise Specialist:

  • Therapeutic exercises adapted to your needs and desired activity levels, concentrating on your condition and goals at that moment
  • Exercises to increase strength, power, balance, and coordination
  • Exercises to increase your confident walking speed and stamina
  • Adaptation of sport or sport like activities for your current abilities
  • Relaxation, breathing, and post-exercise imagery

There is a lot that you can do to manage the potential side effects of treatment, and I will help you with that. Additionally, during our personal exercise sessions, we will be able to address issues as they come up and keep a watchful eye on any unusual symptoms or problems that may need to be addressed by your doctors.

Post Cancer Treatment and Maintenance
Exercise is a very important part of post cancer treatment therapy. It has been shown to produce some significant benefits.

Post Treatment for Cancer Exercise Benefits:

  • Lessening fatigue
  • Improving and maintaining muscle strength and endurance
  • Assisting in pain management and other residual symptoms
  • Increasing a general sense of well-being
  • Lessening potential anxiety and depression
  • Improving overall health

As your cancer exercise specialist, we will work together to continue improving your physical capabilities so that your life after cancer is the best it can be.

No matter what stage of treatment or recovery you are in, I will work closely with your treatment team to ensure that you have the most positive experience and results possible.

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