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Weight Loss and Management

Personal Trainer for Weight Loss Norwich CT and Serving Surrounding Areas

Have you become frustrated with the fad diet crazes?
Do you want to feel more energetic?
Do you want to become a leaner, healthier version of yourself?
Do you want all this without feeling like you made a bunch of stressful changes all at once?

If you are looking for weight loss in Norwich, CT and surrounding areas, I can help you to regain control over your body and feel more energetic. As a personal trainer from New London, CT I can show you how to lose weight while having fun doing it at the same time! Weight loss and management can be empowering and enjoyable. I have been helping my clients with weight loss to feel better and improve overall quality of life through my own private personal training services for the past 14 years.

As a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, I have 16 years of clinical hospital based experience in developing and implementing individualized exercise prescriptions. These prescriptions are used to increase muscle tone and strength in order to optimize the body’s ability to lose weight and maintain fat loss.

I have the scientific know-how and personal trainer experience to help you achieve your weight loss goals and regain your confidence and ability to enjoy life to its fullest. Using equipment I supply to monitor your vital signs and other important potential risk factors, I will work with you in the comfort of your own home. Contact Art and Science Fitness to find out more about weight loss Norwich.

As a Personal Trainer New London and Norwich, I can help you to:

  • Lose weight safely and effectively
  • Integrate proper exercises and nutritional alterations into your regular lifestyle
  • Increase your strength and overall daily physical capacity safely and effectively
  • Decrease your cardiovascular risk profile
  • Manage or prevent Diabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated Cholesterol levels
  • Improve your circulation
  • Decrease your risk of Injury
  • Increase your energy level
  • Decrease your stress level
  • Increase your sense of self control
  • Learn about the importance of hydration as it relates to weight management, exercise, and overall health
  • Understand the relationship between daily activities and how many calories are burned throughout the day
  • ENJOY the process of weight loss and weight management!
  • ENJOY exercise and activity!
  • IMPROVE your overall sense of well-being!

You will feel better, look better, get results, and stop wasting your precious time with fads and unsafe programs!

Click here to request a consultation. At Art and Science Fitness we offer various programs including personal training for adults and teens.

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